Don’t we all want our lip color to last all day? I know I do!

Colourpop and Kylie’s liquid mattes do pretty well, but always end up flaking by the end of the day and I’ve never had a non-matte lipstick last more than a few hours!


I’d heard briefly of Lipsense but didn’t really know much about it or anyone who even used it much less sold it! The thought of a lip color lasting all day definitely intrigued me but for $55 for the “starter kit,” I wasn’t willing to try it out without real reviews!

As the company quickly became the “it” thing in makeup, I was hearing more and more reviews! Some of these online reviews were good, but most were bad! It seemed like the only good reviews were coming from its distributers! Here’s some of the negative I’ve heard.

“It smells strongly of alcohol” “The burn is terribly painful” “Your lips will taste like acetone all day” “It flakes just like the rest” “What’s the point if you have to apply gloss all day” and so on. I still didn’t know anyone personally who’d used the product!

Finally, a friend that I trusted became a Lipsense distributer. Skyla was always posting about how much she loved the product and her color options on her social media pages! I watched for a while and finally messaged her about it! She told me about the product and instructions on using it! She told me how much she really loves it and offered to send me a starter kit to try out! She sent me the perfect neutral shade, Praline Rose, their Glossy Gloss, and their Oops Remover.

FullSizeRender 6

The glosses came in a small draw string bag that I can easily throw in my purse or travel bag to keep them altogether and they’re all sealed to be sure they’ve not been used! I popped the seal on the Praline Rose. The smell wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected. It’s got a slight alcohol smell but it isn’t super strong or overpowering at all! If you’d heard anything about Lipsense, you’ve probably heard about the burn when applying your color. The burn is actually what I was most worried about and it wasn’t bad at all! My lips were already dry so it did burn slightly but it was tolerable! My instructions were to apply 3 single swipe coats to your lips letting them dry in between applications then top with the gloss! I’m not going to lie, I’m terrible at application! I’m usually applying right in the middle of having to call my daughter down for something or I do more that one swipe for application…GUESS WHAT?!?! It still worked and lasted all day despite my poor application techniques! Applying the gloss every 3 hours didn’t bother me at all! For lasting color, I don’t mind putting on a little extra gloss now and then!

Is there anything I don’t like? Yes! I HATE the Oops Remover! It taste so bad!! I usually just use some coconut oil and it’ll take it right off! I also don’t love the gloss for about the first hour. It’s just so sticky! After about an hour it “dries” down a bit and I don’t even notice it! I definitely want to try their matte gloss next!

Would I recommend Lipsense? YES! I really really like it! I still think the price tag is a bit high but it really is a great product!


I’m wearing my Praline Rose Lipsense lipstick in all 3 of these photos! The first photo was taken in the high heat of a Washington Nationals baseball game, the second at the end of an errand filled day, and the third was around 10pm after a full day working at my studio’s dance recital! My lipstick looked just as perfect at the end of each of these days as it did when I put it on at the start!

If you’re interested in Lipsense let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with my girl Skyla! She’s the sweetest and will answer all of your Lipsense questions.

Have you tried Lipsense? What do you think of the product?


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