If you’ve ever asked me for a matte lipstick suggestion, you know every time I’ll answer Colourpop! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve suggested their company to to beauty lovers everywhere! All of their products are such high quality and yet so affordable, they have beautiful shades and a wide variety of beauty products!


It’s no secret that Colourpop’s liquid matte lipsticks are MY FAVORITE!!! I have 13 shades (mostly nudes and pinks) with a goal of owning all of them! I wear one of them every single day!! Trap, Midi, Lumiére 2 and Rooch (not pictured) are my all time favorites but I honestly love them all! They last all day for me with little to no transfer! I’ve had on Time Square since 11am; have eaten, drank a coffee, wrangled a toddler, and kissed said toddler all with my lipstick still perfectly in tact! If that isn’t a miracle I don’t know what is! Their liquid matte’s are a bit drying on your lips but I always put on some coconut oil or chapstick first and it solves that problem right away without changing the consistency of the product! The best part…they’re only $6!!! And they have 20% off sales all the time making them only $4.50!!! And only $30 gets you free shipping!!! I could go on and on about how amazing they are but you’ll just have to try them for yourself and see!

Here are 6 photos of me in a few of the different matte shades!!



My next favorite Coloupop product would have to be their Super Shock Cheek Illuminators! When I purchased my first one I thought it was going to be a powder, but it was actually more of a spongy cream! The consistency is so soft and luxurious and goes on the skin beautifully! I love to apply it with my damp beauty perfector! They have such a wide variety of shades from bright colors to more natural, so they’ll suit anyone! I only have 3 shades but I’m obsessed with all of them!! The containers are 4.2 grams so they’ll last such a long time which is always a plus! The Super Shock Cheek’s are generally $8, so it’s a great price for such a wonderful product!

Below are the 3 shades I have; Monster, Stole The Show, and Lunch Money!



I have a few other random Colourpop items including a Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in the shade Lumieré, a Blotted Lip lipstick from the Alexis Red X Colourpop collection in the shade Deja Vu, and 2 Super Shock Shadow’s in the shades Supermodel and Cornelius. The Lippie Stix is very luxurious feeling on my lips! Although it is technically a matte lipstick, it’s very creamy and has almost a satiny look! It has a great smell to it too, almost like a sweet chocolate smell! The Lippie Pencil applies very smooth and the color matches perfectly to the lipstick shade! The Blotted Lip lipstick doesn’t feel any different to me than a lipstick you could find at the drug store! It’s nothing special and the shade is just a common dusty rose! The Super Shock Shadow’s are honestly not my favorite! They’re not very pigmented and don’t apply well with a brush at all! I have to use my finger to apply it and even then it almost completely disappears when I blend with my brush! This is the only Colourpop product I probably wouldn’t recommend! You can get much higher quality eyeshadow singles from Morphe for the same price!

I hope this review helped you make some decisions about Colourpop! It’s honestly such a quality beauty brand that I would recommend to anyone!

colourpop graphic

Let me know in the comments!!



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