Kylie Lip Kit

I love lipstick, specifically matte lipstick. Although I have more lipsticks than I can even count, I have wanted a Kylie Lip Kit ever since their first release. I thought about it for a long time but just couldn’t justify spending $40+ (after tax and shipping) on one lip color, no matter how much I needed it! When the shade ‘Moon‘ released I was immediately obsessed and I knew I had to have a doupe! I’d heard wonderful things about Colourpop’s Matte Lippies but had never tried them for myself! After browsing their site for a few minutes I found two shades that were very similar, Kapow and Trap. I could get six Colourpop shades for cheaper than I could get one Kylie shade so I bought Kapow and Trap along with four other shades!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Colourpop, but their matte lippies are very drying! My favorite solution is to simply put some chapstick on first and for only $6 each, I don’t mind doing that!

Yesterday a good friend and fellow blogger, Rheanna, told me she had a surprise for me as she pulled the ever coveted Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Moon out of her purse! Needless to say I was so excited I screamed! I did a Facebook live in my beauty group applying it for the first time as soon as I got home! (you can join my beauty group find that live video here)

So here are my first impressions:

The lip pencil is wonderful! It glides beautifully on your lips and is very soft! Most lip pencils I’ve used are choppy and rough but this one is so buttery smooth!

When I twisted open the applicator, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smells so good! That’s a little odd to say about a lipstick but seriously, it smells amazing!

The applicator was the same or similar to any other liquid lip applicator on the market.

It doesn’t take much to cover your lips and I like the formula, it’s the perfect consistency for good coverage!

Does it last? Yes! I wore it again today and it has sat perfectly since this morning! No creasing or lifting anywhere!

I love really everything about it, but would I pay the $40 to buy another one? Probably not! As much as I would like to have all of Kylie’s lip shades I still can’t justify the price. Other than the wonderful smell, my $6 Colourpop matte’s hold up and apply just as well!


I would love to hear your opinion on Kylie’s Lip Kits and/or Colourpop! Drop them in the comments below!




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