Why I Chose Maskcara Beauty

As I sit here and think about the past month working for Maskcara, only one word comes to mind: Blessed! I’m blessed by the opportunity that was given to me, blessed by the close bond I’ve formed with my team, and blessed by all of you who follow and support me!

I never imagined I’d ever be a part of a direct sales company because I’ve never really seen the big hype in the ones on the current market! The bags and patterned leggings really aren’t my style, the diet plan sellers are too pushy or the products actually don’t work, then there’s the makeup that’s either way overpriced or geared toward older women!

I’ve always loved makeup but within the last few years it’s really become a passion of mine! I love putting on my makeup and feeling pretty, even when it’s just another day of staying at home cleaning the house and taking care of Monroe! Just a little bit of makeup has the power to make me feel so much better about myself and I love that! What I didn’t love is how long it would take me to achieve the look I wanted and how thick all those layers felt on my face! I was over spending hours in the bathroom getting ready and less time going and doing with the ones I love, but I didn’t know of any other alternatives to achieve the look I wanted!

Enter Maskcara Beauty!

I discovered Maskcara when one of my favorite bloggers and friend, Kristyn Cole, became an artist for the company! She went on and on about how much she loved the products and how it had changed her whole beauty routine! I was so intrigued by the concept and quickly signed on to be an artist too! It has been the most rewarding month with the company! I promoted within the first two weeks and now, I even have my own team member below me! This stuff really does sell itself!

It now takes me less than ten minutes to get ready! Let me repeat that, LESS THAN TEN MINUTES! Before, it used to take me upwards of an hour and sometimes more to achieve the same look! (HERE is a timed video of me “HAC-ing” my face)


I chose Maskcara because of the company that it is! It’s not just another direct sales company! Maskcara Beauty cares about their employees and they’ve shown that time and time again! Their mission statement really encompasses all that Maskcara Beauty hopes to be and it’s everything I believe makeup to be!

“If it came down to choosing a beautiful life or a flawless face, our choice would be a beautiful life every time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have both? We believe makeup should be fun, easy, and quick! Maskcara Beauty was founded on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up.” 

This statement on the front page of Maskcara’s website sealed the deal for me! Maskcara’s 3D foundation only enhances the natural beauty of a woman! The single layer of defined foundation feels light and looks fresh on the face, and it’s quick and easy to apply!

Cara (Maskcara’s founder) does webinar’s with her artists via Facebook! In last weeks webinar, Cara told us not to sell the product, but to simply share our love for it and it will sell itself! Well, I truly do love this product! It’s so easy to share something I love so much and fully stand behind! From the mission statement all the way to the products, I love it all and am so thankful to be a part of the company!

I hope this post really gives you some insight into Maskcara as a company and why I chose it as the right fit for me! If you have any questions about Maskcara or are interested in their products or becoming an artist please don’t hesitate to ask!




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