Shea Moisturizer’s African Black Soap

I have struggled with acne since my teenage years! It’s never been terrible but even now I get acne here and there popping up on my face! It can be so frustrating, especially because I am great about washing my face and taking care of my skin! I’ve tried high-end and drug store acne brands and today I want to highlight one of those drug store brands!


Recently, African Black Soap has taken the beauty world by storm! I first heard about it in a Facebook beauty group! People posted before an afters of how it helped improve their acne in a matter of weeks! My skin was particularly unkind to me at the time so I went out to my local Target to seek after some! Within a week of using the soap my face began to clear up! I would remove my makeup with a wipe as usual then wash my face with the soap! The change in my skin was remarkable! My acne cleared quickly and remained gone! My next trip to Target consisted of me buying the entire African Black Soap line by Shea Moisturizer! The face wash, body wash, mud mask, and even face moisturizer! I use it all and love it all!

Here’s when I use each product:

I use the soap (which I’m currently out of!) and body wash in the shower, the face wash each night after removing my makeup, the moisturizer on my face before bed, and once a week I use the mud mask; it feels so cold and refreshing on my face! These products keep my skin clear and so soft!

I would recommend Shea Moisturizer’s African Black Soap line to anyone with problem skin! The brand is easily accessible at your local drug store and at a great price point!





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